Study Guide for non-US SPs (USAID)

For background, see: About USAID Regulations and Policies; Notes on ADS Series 300; About USAID Standard Provisions

These notes regard USAID's SPs for awards made to non-US NGOs. USAID publishes two other sets of SPs. Links to those study guides are: Study Guide for US SPs (USAID); and Study Guide for Fixed Amount Award SPs (USAID)

This downloadable study guide is NOT the official text of the standard provisions. The current version of these standard provisions is published as a mandatory reference to ADS Chapter 303 - Grants and Cooperative Agreements to Non-Governmental Organizations. The reference title is 303mab, SPs for non-US recipients.

Once again (and as noted in the header of each page of the guide), this study guide is NOT the official version of the regulation. Use this tool to find the reference you need, but use a current, official USAID version as the source for any citation you make.

And, as always, seek professional advice if you desire a legal opinion.


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