Get the Site Mind Map

If you use this site as a regular resource, or if you want to help develop this site further, you'll want the mind map navigation tool. It's a FreeMind mind map with live links to the site pages.

To use it, you'll first need to download and install FreeMind. As the name suggests, it's free. If you're skeptical, read the Wikipedia article on it.

Download FreeMind.

Then download the mind map for this site. (This gets just a little complicated. If you simply click on the link below, the file will open as a text file, which is not what you want. You want to save the file to disk and then open it in FreeMind. To do that, right-click on the link below and choose Save link as… from the drop-down menu that appears. The file "" will then be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

Try it now.

Then, open FreeMind and (in the FreeMind menu) choose File|Open and navigate to Downloads\ (Or do whatever you know how to do to make this process more convenient for you in future.)

The mind map that appears in FreeMind is the current, complete plan for this site. Each node on the map contains the page title and pagename (in square brackets below the page title) for each page that's currently planned for this site.

Page names set in blue text indicate that the page has been created and contains information.

To open a page in your browser using the mind map, select the node and then click on the red arrow next to the page name. The page will open in your browser. If there's no red arrow, there's nothing to see on the page anyway.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License