About DOS Regulations and Policies

Learn more about the Department of State on their website: http://www.state.gov/

DOS provides information on DOS grants at https://www.state.gov/grants-process-overview/.

DOS provides resources for managing assistance awards here:https://www.state.gov/resources-for-programs-and-grants/

In particular, assistance recipients are interested in DOS's Standard Terms and Conditions for assistance awards. (The foregoing is for the version dated 01OCT2019. The previous version, dated 08APR2016, is is no longer available.)

DOS’s regulations are codified in two separate titles of the CFR: 2 CFR Chapter VI (2 CFR Parts 6xx), and 22 CFR Chapter I (22 CFR Parts 1xx). (Find background information on the CFR in Regulations – basic background.)

Acquisition (Procurement) rules DOS follows:
DOS procurements are governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (see About the FAR, as supplemented by the DOS Acquisition Regulation (DOSAR, codified at 48 CFR Chapter 6).

As noted elsewhere, acquisition regulations are not the focus of this site.

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