Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

“The field is often very far from home office, literally and metaphorically, yet in my experience you were only ever an email away. I can’t recall a time when I sought help and you didn’t respond, no matter when (and no matter how silly the question). Your sage advice made it easier to navigate the sometimes impenetrable language and logic of USAID Rules and Regulations. I’d hazard a guess that this applies to many of us who became project managers by default rather than intention.” SD, Project Manager

“I always enjoyed…your wise instruction, guidance, and quiet sense of humor….I have valued your steady friendship and support while muddling my way through correctly implementing a robust project, and being able to rely on you – the USAID rules & regs guru” SF, Chief of Party

“We haven’t met much (in person) but exchanged a number of professional emails. They’ve always been pleasant ones, hearing each other’s concerns, trying to help each other, appreciating each other’s work – working as a team and both enjoying what we’re doing.” NE, Project Director

“I truly respect your calmness, perspective and knowledge of how to step back from a situation (often a stressful one) to make sure that it is seen clearly.” NS, Administrative Analyst and mentee

“No way to express how I continue to remember in which way you helped me to handle the toughest auditor back into year 2010, where you gave me the strength to think professionally and wisely and teaching me that I have to know more than the others really know, so things would be solved.” ES, Regional Accountant and mentee

“Don has … provided incredible training, concepting, feedback, counsel, and cross-checking. From the many dimensions of [private funders] funding, to the variations of DRL and UNHCR requirements, to secondments [of staff], to input on [a] complicated proposal, Don has always been there for our entire team.” JK, Regional Business Manager

“…I can firmly say that you have been one of the kindest, most helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with.” SK, Deputy Director – Programs

“…Don was a reassuring voice on contract and budget matters that frequently surrounded us, many of which were “special case” situations that required professional knowledge and sometimes just savvy, intuitive advice based on long experience ‘in the trenches.’ What I appreciated the most was his availability even at odd hours, his consummate patience plus well-timed humor which kept our stress levels manageable!”  GG, Project Director

“I think only wingnuts enjoy conversations about the intricacies and vagaries of funders’ requirements, the strengths and shortcomings of assistance and procurement policies, and the elegance or lack thereof of Federal regulations. But I think I’ve enjoyed every conversation I’ve had with you on these topics. I think you make people proud to be wingnuts.” DG, Administrative Analyst and mentee

“…You not only brought us up to speed, you also became a leading authority on USAID rules and regs. Several times I’ve been told that you are considered the leading expert among non-profit organizations. You kept us straight, helped us avoid many dangerous pitfalls, made us efficient and strong. We owe you a debt of gratitude.” DH, CEO

“…[Don] always provided guidance with unmatched clarity and, very frequently, with a dose of wit. He has a way of explaining what might initially seem to be the most mundane, bureaucratic rule of procedure so that it’s clearly understood and sometimes philosophically intriguing. I don’t know how to explain it really – it’s like he’s the village wise man.” RB, Program Associate and mentee

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