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Significant changes to 2 CFR 200, 2 CFR 25, 2CFR 170 and a brand-new 2 CFR 183

Announced in August and mostly effective in November 2020, OMB’s changes (and a whole new reg) offer improved clarity (mostly), some relaxation, and (as you might expect) some kind-of-nasty new restrictions for organizations implementing under federal awards.

Learn more about these changes at these links: About 2 CFR 25, About 2 CFR 170, About 2 CFR 183, and About 2 CFR 200.

If you're involved at any level with implementing projects funded by federal grants or cooperative agreements, then you probably need help with regs. That is, you may find yourself wishing for advice and guidance through the apparent maze of rules and regulations that govern your federal assistance award.

This site focuses on the issues confronted by organizations working in the international development sector with funding provided by USAID. But since the federal regulations are based on OMB's Uniform Guidance to federal agencies (see About 2 CFR 200), any recipient of federal assistance may find this site helpful.

This material can get stale as regulations change and best practices evolve. I consider the stuff you’ll find here up-to-date as of mid-2016 (with a few more recent updates). You can always check the date of last edit at the bottom of each page.

I’m no longer actively consulting in this sector. However, I retain an abiding interest in all this stuff. Feel free to contact me at the coordinates found here.


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